Chinnakanal is located 22 kms from Munnar town, this destination boasts a spectacular waterfall caused by the river Devikulam, which is surrounded by lush mountains. This waterfall is the result of the river Devikulam.

As a result of the lush plantations surrounding the waterfalls, they are home to 3,210 families over an area of 67.33 hectares (26.00 square miles).

Despite several resorts being built in the area around Munnar, Chinnakanal has maintained its relaxing atmosphere despite a few resorts. Chinnakanal is about 1000ft higher than Munnar and therefore always cooler.

A sophisticated traveler who wants an active holiday or an offbeat hill station experience flocks to Chinnakanal's hotels, resorts, and plantation retreats. In Chinnakanal, you're more likely to see a smile from a local than a swarm of tourists. Chinnakanal is where you can feel rejuvenated, experience, and explore.

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