Built by the first Portuguese Viceroy in India, Don Francesco de Almeida (1505), St. Angelo’s Fort is among the most historic sites in Kannur. This massive triangular laterite structure is flanked by gigantic bastions that make for an imposing sight. It changed hands between the Dutch and eventually the British, who would remodel and reequip it into their primary military stronghold in Malabar.

Mopilla Bay and Dharamadam Island are among the primary attractions here. Mopilla Bay is a natural harbour and the fort offers a wonderful view of it along with a sea wall projecting from the fort separating the rough sea and inland water.  Dharamadam Island, barely 5 acres in area, is 100 m from the mainland and a favourite haunt of tourists. People come to the fort for relaxing strolls and just a brilliant view of the Arabian Sea.

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