top 10 stunning beaches in kerala


Kerala is known for its picturesque and stunning beaches which offer a great combination of relaxation, adventure and sightseeing. These beaches are known for their pristine waters, golden sand...

Located in Kasaragod, it's known for its white sands, serene backwaters, verdant hills, and lush coconut palms. There are also temples and historical sites nearby.

10.Bekal Beach

Located in Kannur district, Muzhappilangad Drive-In Beach is the longest drive-in beach in India. It's 4.5 km long and protected from the deep sea currents by black rocks.

09. Muzhappilangad Drive In Beach

08. Kappad Beach

Located in Calicut, It is known for its stunning sunsets and its white sand beaches, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It is also home to a number of historical sites.

07. Marari beach

Located in Alappuzha,  Marari Beach is known for its serenity and natural beauty. The beach is lined with palm trees and there is a variety of activities that visitors can enjoy.

06. Shangumugham Beach

located in Thiruvananthapuram, this magnificent beach offers a spectacular view of the sunset and the Indian Ocean. It is also home to the famous 'Shangumugham Shiva Temple', making it a popular pilgrimage site

05. Thottada Beach

A scenic beach located in Kannur, a virgin 800 meter beach with a small river flowing at one end, making it ideal for sun bathing. Tourists can stay at the beach house or guest house.

04. Cherai Beach

Located in Kochi, it is known for its pristine golden sand, clear blue waters, and an abundance of coconut trees. The beach is also home to the famous Chinese fishing nets.

03. Alappuzha Beach

Beach has an old pier which extend to sea is over 150 years old. Alappuzha beach host many events annually like Alappuzha beach festival, Sand art festival and many more.

02. Kovalam beach

Kovalam is a world-famous beach with three adjacent crescent beaches. A massive rocky promontory on the beach creates a calm bay ideal for swimming.

01. Varkala Beach

This beach is located in Trivandrum, and it's known for its impressive red laterite cliffs, which are over 30 meters high. The beach is also known for its mineral water springs, which are thought to be healing.